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Podcast Production

Audio offers a way to reach your audience where visual media can’t – whether it’s in the car or at the gym. With millions of people streaming around the world, podcasts have become a popular and effective marketing tool for a lot of companies across the globe.

At 1.618 we take a unique approach to podcasting, ensuring integration within your existing marketing strategy and assisting in all areas from influencer outreach to topic research and advertisement production.

Whether you have a great idea for your own podcast and need professional help to get started, you’re already recording but want to improve the production quality, or you’re starting at square one and need help with creative ideation, we have an expert team on hand to take care of the process from A – Z.

  • Podcast Recording: Remote & Studio Based
  • 1-2-1/Group Sessions/Seminars
  • Editing/Mixing/Mastering
  • Noise Reduction/Deverbation/Plosives Removal
  • Intro & Outro Inclusion
  • Advertisement Insertion
  • Affordable Music Licensing
  • Tagging
  • Shownotes & Transcriptions
  • Artwork & Metadata Inclusion


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