FIFA World Cup – Wanda Superstar VR Experience
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FIFA World Cup – Wanda Superstar VR Experience


BRAND: Wanda
OUR ROLE: Sound Design and Music Production

Happy Finish, an award-winning global production studio, created a virtual reality immersion for FIFA World Cup sponsor Wanda. Implemented in designated areas around Moscow, its inspiration stemmed from the idea of finding a way that allowed 2018 Men’s World Cup fans to experience a realistic football story.

Using CGI to simulate Wanda’s Dangzhai Village in China and Epic Games’ engineering software to bring it to life, fans can put on a VR headset and transform into a professional football player. From shooting at practice targets to taking penalty kicks in the biggest moments at the highest stage, HTC VIVE trackers are able to watch a person’s kicking motions to accurately depict where the ball will travel based off of their foot placement. With these abilities, fans believe that their skills are being put to the test in a life-like scenario similar to what their favorite players are used to experiencing.

With awards being given to the top players, competition and popularity skyrocketed. Accumulating over 3,000 participants over the course of only a few weeks, Happy Finish and partner Prisma VR decided to bring the experience to this year’s Women’s World Cup in France. Adding in women’s characters and uniforms, success was duplicated. Everyone loved being able to live out their dreams of playing professional football!

1.618 Digital was brought onto the project to cover the sound design and bespoke music production for the VR gaming experience.

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Image Credit: Happy Finish