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1.618 Digital is an award-winning creative sound design studio offering audio production and post-production services, immersive & spatial audio solutions for 360 video content, games and interactive VR/AR media.

Having spent over five years delivering over 130 immersive titles, we provide audio solutions for the industry’s leading content creators and brands from around the globe. Our team of sound experts are equipped with the latest industry experience, research and cutting edge technology to help our clients with achieving their ambitious goals.

We believe that intelligent audio in the next decade is going to become a key competitive differentiating factor and an indispensable aspect of immersive and interactive communication, storytelling and brand advertising.


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Immersive Audio Studio


Come for 1-2-1 creative sessions. Bring your clients to demo your work. In the heart of East London, near the tube, parking, hospitality facilities and meeting rooms.


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What our clients say

Alex McMaster - Senior Project Manager at Visualise

“1.618 Digital are pleasant, professional and skilled audio engineers. They always have the most professional decorum with our clients and work efficiently and effectively with our 360 video capture and post-production team. They always advise me of their progress as we work towards delivery of a project so I always fully understand what they are doing each step of the process. 1.618 Digital are a great asset to our Visualise team.”

Alaster Armitage-Brain - VR Producer at Happy Finish / Imagination

“1.618’s knowledge of immersive audio is second to none. Their approach is always professional and they always suggest things that majorly benefit our productions. I'd highly recommend!”

Henry Stuart CEO, Co-Founder at Visualise

“The team behind 1.618 are not only visionary but importantly, offer cutting edge solutions to the tech industry. They are a vital component of the rapidly developing VR & AR community, showing both innovation and a deep understanding of the importance of immersive audio.”

James E.Marks, Founder, PsychFi

"1.618 digital have all the latest 3D audio tech, wizardry, creative ideas for R.I.S.E. our latest mobile immersive experience."

Art Directors: Esteban Fourmi & Aoi Nakamura (AΦE)

"Our collaboration has been real pleasure. 1.618’s understanding of our imagination and creative process has been inspiring and gave us deep insight into 360 film. We hope to collaborate again!"

Helen Bellringer, MassiveMusic / Melody VR

"We love working with Oliver and the team at 1.618 Digital; their technical knowledge is second to none, and their collaborative approach to projects means we get the best results - sound and music working together in synchronous harmony to create truly captivating, dynamic soundscapes."

Mark Maddox - Co-Founder, CEO VIDA

"We can’t speak highly enough of Oliver and his team at 1.618, they are truly passionate and knowledgeable experts in their craft. An absolute pleasure to work with, they combine creativity, innovation and collaboration to deliver groundbreaking work - we’ve built a really powerful partnership with the team."

Darren Emerson - Director & Co-Founder VR City and East City Films

"We have worked with Oliver Kadel at 1.618 Digital over the last 3 years. Every job we do with Oliver and his team has been a huge success, in no small part down to his dedication, attention to detail and openness to collaborate with others. The thing we admire most about the 1.618 team is that they genuinely care about the work they do, and this passion is always represented in the final results that they hand over to the client."

Elliot Graves - Immersive and Digital Lead, Atlantic Productions

"In an ever evolving industry 1.618 Digital continues to deliver impeccable work time and time again. From AR to VR and other immersive media, there are few companies globally producing immersive audio content with such cutting-edge workflows, attention to detail and such an awareness of industry positions and production processes. Each time we implement Oliver’s and his teams work, I’m blown away at the power of immersive audio and it’s ability to transform a production."


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VR for a cause



We believe technology can make a world of difference in highlighting important causes and are committed to using it for good.

If you are an individual or an organisation, registered charity, or non-profit that works in education or the medical industry and are using VR in your cause to tell the stories that matter – please get in touch as we would love to help. See examples.


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1 Dye House Lane Unit 1
Riverbank Business Park
E3 2TB, London
United Kingdom

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