O2 Academy Venues VR
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O2 Academy Venues VR

Be transported to our iconic O2 Academy venues either through the eyes of a fan or a star – you decide.


O2 ACADEMY VENUES VR: 2-Line Narrative 360º Film
OUR ROLE: 3D Audio Capture, Sound Design, Music Composition & Post-Production

VR Scout Alaster Armitage-Brain

“Featuring a cast of over 100 and filmed by a crew of almost 30, the experience offers two experiences in one. Using a unique, interactive and switchable storytelling mechanic, you can swap between being a music fan or a member of the band – experiencing first-hand how the excitement builds both in front of and behind the stage.”

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Visit the O2 Stores to see the experience – O2 Official Webpage

The experience will be available to download later this year in app stores!

O2 Academy venues 360° Virtual Reality Teaser

Image credit O2.