Kellogg’s Augmented Reality Island Adventure
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Kellogg’s Augmented Reality Island Adventure


Sound Design & Character Vocalisation

Breakfast food giant Kelloggs has a history of not just providing nutritional meals to kids and adults alike, but also including activities and entertainment in the forms of small toys, videos and puzzles both on their cereal boxes and in mixed media formats. In July 2018, they’ve collaborated with Augmented Reality specialists Blippar to create a new interactive app to be released in 6 different languages that feature its flagship products. The app is currently featured on the boxes of Kellogg’s cereal in seven countries across Europe (with an additional rollout to 17 additional countries across Europe and the MEA region in the works), starring the mascots of Coco Pops, Miel Pops, Frosties, Rice Krispies and Honey Loops.

By having parents download the Blippar app and scanning their promotional cereal boxes, kids can join their favourite mascots on a treasure hunt collecting coconuts and finding school equipment and play an assortment of games which unlock jungle animal selfie masks that they can take their own photos with. The activities prime kids with different animal and jungle facts that will come in handy once all the tasks are completed, as the final “classroom test” puts their knowledge to use in a 20 question quiz. Once the quiz is passed, the players unlock the final animal selfie mask and win the game.

1.618 Digital was brought into production to design sound that responds to the visuals on screen naturally in terms of their visibility and proximity to the player, as well as create vocalisations of the main characters and animal selfie masks reacting to the user’s expressions and movements.

With games based on rhythm, reflexes, mathematics and trivia, Kellogg’s and Blippar aim to use their cereals to promote fun learning experiences and have kids engaged with this virtual treasure hunt to get them working their brains to keep their minds sharp and ready to go back to school once the summer holiday period has ended.

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App Trailer: Kellogg’s Augmented Reality Island Adventure by Blippar

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