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Two For Joy


TWO FOR JOY: A 2018 Feature-Length Indie Drama funded by Creative England and the BFI Film Fund.
PRODUCTION COMPANY: Blonde To Black Pictures
OUR ROLE: Production Audio

As writer and director Tom Beard’s first feature, Two For Joy is a British feature-length drama starring Samantha Morton, Billie Piper and Emilia Jones.

Following Aisha, mother of two children (Vi and Troy), the film explores themes of grief and depression after the death of the father and husband. With the loss of the typical nuclear-family dynamic severely affecting Aisha’s mental health, Vi suggests a family trip to the beach which leads to meeting with another equally-dysfunctional family.

A bleak and melancholic story, the film is full of subtlety both narratively, performatively and technically to highlight the heavy strain on the family’s dynamic. For this project, 1.618 Digital was brought in to help with sound recording to achieve such a delicate yet powerful affect through the sound and audio accompanying its gloomy visuals.

Tom Beard brought this film to life to shine light on the issues of grief and familial death, which he felt were “underexposed in [England] and should be talked about more”. Real people do go through periods of darkness and misfortune that are a struggle to overcome, and Two For Joy approaches this element of life in a poetic yet realist way.

Two for Joy featured at Edinburgh Film Festival 2018 and has been praised by critics for its performances and approach to the subject matter.

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