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Wembley Open


WEMBLEY OPEN: Instagram story featuring Tiger Woods, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain & The Grounds Keepah
PRODUCTION COMPANY: Bullion Productions
OUR ROLE: Production Sound

Nike is one of the most iconic and valuable brands in the world of sport equipment, clothing and accessories, with sponsorships and partnerships in abundance. Like many corporate giants, this global reach to consumers is steadily maintained with contribution from social media interaction on platforms with a variety of sub-accounts, such as NikeLondon on Instagram. This account focuses on all Nike-related activity in the London area, posting photos and videos to capture interest from audiences whilst promoting their plethora of products.

One of the more recent advertising pushes which NikeLondon has been involved in is the #NothingBeatsALondoner campaign, which first began in February 2018 with a 3 minute long montage video of London based sportsmen and women of various ages, as well as cameos from prolific athletes, talking about the extents to which they go to compete in their passion sport. Heavily leaning on the idea of being a Londoner shows dedication and determination in the face of opposition, it empowers and excites viewers with pride and patriotism towards England’s capital.

On July 19th, NikeLondon used the Instagram story feature to broadcast a short film spinoff titled “The Wembley Open”, featuring a character known as The Grounds Keepah who protects the turf of the Wembley stadium pitch from golfing legend Tiger Woods, who has arrived to play golf much to the comical Londoner’s dismay. For the production, 1.618 Digital was brought in for the recording of on-set sound as the Grounds Keepah sets Woods numerous golfing challenges that don’t allow him to set foot on the grass as a compromise between them.

With a tongue in cheek attitude from Grounds Keepah and the contrastingly calm and straightforward demeanor of Tiger Woods, the short film promotes Nike’s Golf Carnoustie Collection of trainers, the store page of which can be accessed from Instagram. You can view the short film on the Instagram mobile app by accessing the NikeLondon account page and clicking the saved story titled Wembley Open.

Wembley Open: Instagram Story

Nike London: Instagram

Image Credit: Nike London