An Interactive Christmas Card
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An Interactive Christmas Card


MERRY CHRISTMAS: An Interactive Christmas Card
BRAND: 1.618 Digital
OUR ROLE: R&D, Sound Design, Development & Implementation

During last year’s holiday seasons, 1.618 Digital didn’t want to send out any old Christmas card that would end up in the bin by Boxing Day. Our team instead used our creative flair for the seasonal greetings, and made an interactive experience for everyone to enjoy in the form of a digital “Christmas Card” game.

Built using Unreal engine and FMOD, we scattered around sounds and audio which players could discover by approaching different assets such as Christmas trees, Christmas decorations and log cabins. The audio was also encoded to react not only to a player’s contact with objects, but was mixed to be aware of their spatial presence: the subtle buzz of electricity of Christmas lights and the crackling of burning logs in a fireplace are two sound elements that change their volume and positioning in the audible space to give a true sense of immersion and a seasonal atmosphere.

The goal of the game is to explore the winter wonderland and find the hidden Christmas party, upon which the player would be rewarded with some classic Christmas tunes and a hearty well-wishing from everyone at 1.618 Digital for the holiday season and the upcoming year.

If you like to surprise your own audience this year, please get in touch and ask us for some help – [email protected]

The Christmas Card can be publicly played online at, can be controlled with the mouse and WASD keys, and is best experienced with headphones!

Christmas Card by 1.618 Digital on

Experience Playout Video: Interactive Christmas Card Find The Party

Image Credit: 1.618 Digital