Eltek Virtual Reality Showroom
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Eltek Virtual Reality Showroom


ELTEK VR: An Interactive Virtual Reality Showroom
BRAND: Eltek
OUR ROLE: Sound Design and Implementation in Unity

As a business, being able to demonstrate your product or service to potential investors is essential. But when the product is something large and expensive to build — like a large building or facility, or large machinery — creating a demo product to present to possible clients can add large expenses to a budget that may not be readily available, especially considering there is no guarantee that the client will buy it. Even small-scale models, whilst not as expensive, can often not present the true potential of a product in the same way as experiencing the product in the environment.

Eltek, working with Glitch Studios, have presented a solution to the problem using the limitless capabilities of Virtual Reality — their VR Showroom, a large virtual space lined with Eltek products. Users can explore and investigate the products without having to physically be in the room with them, being able to explore their own personal issues and how Eltek can provide a solution. For the simulation, 1.618 Digital was brought on to enhance a sonic experience and implementation of 3D audio into the Unity engine.

The low cost and portability of virtual reality also enable Eltek and other companies that present VR showrooms the opportunities to bring their demos wherever they go, be it conventions, meetings, excursions and other out-of-office meetups. And with less money going into demonstrations of products, more money can go into other areas that require the funds; Eltek reported an increase in bottom-line funds and positive influence towards buyers since using the showroom (as well as attracting large numbers interested in virtual reality and exposing them to the products in a memorable way).

Eltek has since begun using this marketing tool in the majority of their offices worldwide, with ongoing updates planned for the future.

Glitch Case Study: https://www.glitchstudios.co/portfolio_page/eltek-virtual-reality-showroom/

Eltek VR Showroom Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bdnhyELmTbs

Image Credit Glitch Studios