PwC Resilience
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PwC Resilience


PWC RESILIENCE: Work Training Content
OUR ROLE: Location Sound Recording, Editing, 3D Audio Postproduction

PwC, a virtual reality production company based out of the United Kingdom, is using the future of technology to help “the disrupted become the disruptive.” VR being originally intended for Sci-fi experiences, PwC is shifting gears and creating content to immerse individuals in a realistic future.

In Resilience, the user is able to sit in on a business meeting and observe the dynamics of certain tasks brought up in discussion. Towards the tail end of the experience, you sit down 1-on-1 with coworkers, giving you the ability to see their body language and mannerisms when bringing up certain topics.

PwC wants to create a future where you can make business decisions and see how they pan out in the virtual world before implementing them in the real world. By being able to examine the risks before they happen, businesses are able to go back to the drawing board and improve their ideas for future projects, eliminating any questionable or immoral effects associated. With PwC, we can see that the future does indeed look bright!

1.618 Digital was brought onto the project to cover location sound recording, edit and 3D mix.

Case Study

Image Credit: PwC