Project Endeavour
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Project Endeavour


PROJECT ENDEAVOUR: 360° Video / VR Animation
BRAND: Oxbotica
OUR ROLE: Spatial Sound Recording, Sound Design, 3D Audio Postproduction

In January 2021, East City Films were approached by the team at DG Cities and Oxbotica to create two VR experiences for their autonomous vehicles project, Project Endeavour. Project Endeavour is a consortium that is enabling the early deployment of autonomous vehicles in urban areas around the UK. The pandemic put paid to the public trials they were planning around the country in 2021 and virtual reality became their solution.

East City Films were commissioned to create two separate experiences. The first was a VR experience that put the viewer inside a present-day autonomous vehicle; the second was where to imagine a future city some years from now where autonomous vehicles are ubiquitous.

The end result was seen by thousands of people that had signed up for a Google Cardboard, allowing them to experience an autonomous vehicle from the comfort of their own home.

1.618 Digital was brought in to assist with location sound, sound design and 3D audio post-production on this project.

East City Films Case Study:

Image Credit: East City Films