Meet The Bakers
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Meet The Bakers

Ted Baker’s 360 shoppable VR experience


MEET THE BAKERS: 360º Shoppable Film
BRAND:  Ted Baker
OUR ROLE: Sound Design & 3D Audio Postproduction

“Sound played an important role in adding to the atmosphere of each scene in this shoppable VR experience. Working with Happy Finish, we used the latest spatial audio technology to design and implement a whole range of sounds to achieve a periphonic mix that offers a high degree of immersion within the experience, and to create audio cues for the viewer to catch the animations going on around them. For example, the viewer will hear a sound — such as a spinning washing line or a closing closet door – coming from a particular direction. When the viewer turns to find the source of the sound that they just heard, they catch the video just as it comes into action.”

Oliver Kadel, Co-Founder/Head of Audio – 1.618 Digital

“All of this was brought together in the final piece using motion graphics and leading ambisonic 360° sound design, really bringing the Baker’s environment alive to create a true virtual reality.”

Elliot Graves, DOP – Happy Finish

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Image credit Happy Finish.