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360º Distillery Tour


DISCOVER LAPHROIAG: 360º Distillery Tour
BRAND:  Laphroaig
OUR ROLE: 3D Audio Recording, Sound Design, Bespoke Composition, Audio Post-Production

Laphroaig understands that not everyone can make the journey to visit their beautiful hollow by the bay and so invites viewers on a spectacular 360º tour of Islay, the small Scottish Island that is home to their distillery.

We journey through the rugged, remote island while learning about the production of the most complex of all Scotch whiskies. The journey begins with the patient cutting of peat by hand. The turf, slowly compressed over thousands of years, infuses the whisky with a medicinal tang. Next, we journey to the Kilbride stream that has flavoured and softened the spirit for 200 years.

Laphroaig is one of the few distilleries left that malt by hand. We see the seven golden tonnes of barley that will be turned by hand over seven days. Next, we hear the crackling of the kiln while the smoldering peat flavours the barley beyond compare. As the north Atlantic waves crash against the warehouse walls, we see the barrels that are left to infuse Laphroaig Whisky with velvety flavours of oak and vanilla.

The 1.618 team was tasked to capture the sounds of the natural environment to support the narrative where earth, water, fire and air combined create a whisky that is as breathtaking as the environment that it comes from. We created a tone that blends atmos, score and sound design seamlessly into one immersive soundtrack that uncovers the story of Laphroaig Whiskey.

Watch the video in full – Discover Laphroaig | 360º Distillery Tour

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Raindance Festival Nominee in Best Branded Content Category – Welcome To Laphroaig World Premiere

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