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IN MY SHOES: INTIMACY: Immersive Theatre
DIRECTOR: Jane Gauntlett  PRODUCER: Tessa Ratuszynska
OUR ROLE: Binaural Sound Recording, Sound Design & 3D Audio Post-Production

Using virtual reality, director Jane Gauntlett explores the concept of trust and connection in her latest film “In My Shoes: Intimacy,” which premiered at the 2017 Sheffield Doc/Fest.

The experience invites two strangers to sit on a sofa together and become partners in the virtual world, with sound playing an important role throughout.

“In My Shoes: Intimacy” is a great piece that illustrates a power of virtual reality to evoke empathy by placing the viewer in a challenging situation via someone else’s perspective.” says Oliver Kadel, sound supervisor at 1.618 Digital.

The creative team at 1.618 Digital carefully manipulated the sound within each scene to slowly draw the focus away from the surrounding cacophony and towards the dialogue between the characters as they engage in deeper conversation.

“Jane wanted to create a very intimate atmosphere which can not only drive audience emotionally but also physiologically – for example, causing a sense of arousal.”

The film’s diegetic narrative sounds were captured in 3D, with additional dialogue lines recorded both monophonically and binaurally.

These were later edited in post production to convey to the viewer an internal dialogue that is continuously present for all characters.

“By utilising different formats and implementation techniques we were able to diversify how the sound is conveyed to the listener, and therefore able to highlight certain subcontexts of each scene”.

Oliver Kadel – Lead Sound Designer / Sound Supervisor

Visualise: Intimacy

Trailer: An new Interactive Experience for two using virtual reality and 360 film

Intimacy is showcased at VRUK Fest

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