Three Never Settle
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Three Never Settle

The ultimate globe-trotting journey is now achievable thanks to Three’s unique roaming offering.


BRAND: Three
OUR ROLE: Creative Audio Treatment, Sound Design, 3D Audio Post-Production

Follow Three’s very own ‘Giraffe-amingo’ (a creature unique to Three, that combines a giraffe with a flamingo) on a five-stop world tour of the network provider’s Feel At Home destinations.

With Feel At Home, Three UK customers can use their mobiles phones as they would in the UK in more destinations than any other UK-based network.

Whether it’s hang gliding around Rio’s Christ the Redeemer statue, relaxing on the beach in Miami or taking in Hong Kong’s lantern festival, 1.618 Digital was thrilled to provide the campaign’s hyperreal dynamic soundtrack infused with a sense of adventure in each scene.

We were also keen to provide an exaggerated humorous sound to match the feel of Three’s glorious Giraffe-amingo character, carefully curating voice talent and paying special attention to the creative sound concept from start to finish.

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Image Credit Somewhere Else.