UEFA Road to Cardiff
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UEFA Road to Cardiff


UEFA ROAD TO CARDIFF: Location-Based VR Experience
OUR ROLE: Music Production & Sound Design

When brainstorming how to get diehard football fans more involved before the 2017 Champions’ League Final, the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) tasked the production company, Somewhere Else, to create that type of experience. The goal was to take fans on an emotional rollercoaster by immersing them in Champions’ League history as well as incorporating 360 footage UEFA had been working on for years prior.

Somewhere Else titled the experience: Road to Cardiff, which allowed users to select between Real Madrid and Juventus to focus on. By putting on the VR headset, these fans were able to learn about their team’s history and watch the current year’s highlights, all from a sideline’s point of view. The finishing touch incorporated both nervousness and excitement. People were able to listen to their heartbeats as they walked out of the tunnel and approached the center of the pitch. With thousands of fans cheering, you were able to lift the Champion’s League trophy and advertise victory for your beloved team!

1.618 Digital was brought in and produced the sound design and bespoke music for the experience at the VR fan zone at the 2017 UCL Final in Cardiff for UEFA.

Case Studyhttps://somewhereelse.co/project/uefa-vr/

Image Credit: Somewhere Else