Gemalto Cyber Hero
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Gemalto Cyber Hero


CYBER HERO: Branded Interactive VR Gaming Experience
BRAND: Gemalto
OUR ROLE: Bespoke Music Production & Interactive Sound Design for Unreal Engine, VO Casting and Recording.

The 1.618 Digital team worked closely with the production and development teams to produce music and interactive audio for a VR gaming experience for Gemalto, a leader in Digital security. As the experience starts, the participant is facing a server. A carefully selected digitised voice welcomes the user and gives instructions. The music begins and the user is transported into a digital world where they must use special guns to encrypt data that is flying toward them in all directions. Throughout the game the participant must keep a lookout for intruders overhead, taking advantage of the entire playable area. The aim of the game is to encrypt the most data in the 60-second provided timeframe.

We created the sound so that every aspect of interactivity and embodiment had suitable sonic feedback in order for the participant to feel constantly immersed and engaged with the environment, controls and the game task itself. Our sound design was themed to the visuals: futuristic, sci-fi, slick and punchy. We produced a bespoke high-energy soundtrack for the game to ensure that all sound design elements flow seamlessly and in tune.

Gemalto Security: CyberHero VR: Experience Cybersecurity like you have never seen before!

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Image Credit: Gemalto