Making Innovation Happen Podcast
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Making Innovation Happen Podcast


BRAND: The Bakery
OUR ROLE: Podcast production

Dedicated to the support and growth of companies all around the world, The Bakery thrives on the success of businesses both experienced and up-and-coming. Primarily offering a variety of programmes for every stage of running a business, the Bakery also provides materials from blogs and newsletters, to networking opportunities between clients with worldwide events and social media channels.

The latest addition to their resources is the Making Innovation Happen podcast, where they talk to industry professionals about encouraging new and interesting ideas to boost their companies up to the best they can be. Some of the six episodes centre around one of the Bakery’s mantras: Start with the Problem, Fast vs Slow, Software is Eating the World, and Making Lots of Small Bets all initiate conversation about some of the company’s core beliefs and why they should matter to you as an entrepreneur. There is even an episode which brings in numerous former clients to talk about their personal journeys with The Bakery.

VIDA and 1.618 Digital were brought onto the project to produce the series and assist with the podcast launch.

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Making Innovation Happen Podcast


Image Credit: The Bakery