360º EXPLOSIVE Petrol Station Stunt! | Top Gear: Jumps
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360º EXPLOSIVE Petrol Station Stunt! | Top Gear: Jumps


TOP GEAR JUMPS: 360º Explosive Petrol Station Stunt
BRAND: Top Gear
OUR ROLE: Location Sound Recording, Sound Design, 3D Audio Postproduction, Dubbing

The BBC’s flagship driving and engineering talk show Top Gear is celebrating its 42nd year since the first episode aired in April 1977, though it’s only been using the studio format since its revamping in 2002. As time goes on, technology has been growing and excelling, enabling the show to not only offer more exciting cars and vehicles to cover but to change and shape the show itself. Now, the availability of virtual reality and 360º video has led the BBC to commission a set of three 360º stunt videos to promote their 27th series.

Each video puts you in the point of view of a stunt driver, as you are given a tour of each individual stunt by Chris, the assistant director. Once you know what’s about to happen, you’re thrown behind the wheel to experience the stunt as the driver. Each video shows off spectacularly exciting (and very dangerous) stunts: from flying through the air at 80mph over a petrol station in a tanker, to jumping a mini music festival in a caravan, to driving a classic Top Gear car over a supermarket car park to land in the last space.

Not to mention, the Stig is up to no good and each film is paired with a StigCam video to watch his masterpiece unfold. And as an added bonus, the end of the series will also feature a behind-the-scenes video, where you may even catch a glimpse of us working on-location!

1.618 Digital was brought onto the project to cover the location sound recording, spatial audio design and to perform 3D Audio postproduction and dubbing.

Rewind Project Case Studyhttps://rewind.co/portfolio/top-gear-360-stunt-films/

360º Jump Stunts: Behind The Scenes | Top Gear: Jumpshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cfCdpVTfp78

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Image Credit: Rewind / Top Gear / BBC