Magic Leap Halloween Hack Day
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Magic Leap Halloween Hack Day


MAGIC LEAP HALLOWEEN HACK DAY: A promotional video of the Magic Leap One AR headset
BRAND: Magic Leap
OUR ROLE: Music Production and Sound Design

Magic Leap has created the most lightweight and versatile yet powerful and world-colliding Augmented Reality headset known as the Magic Leap One. Blending AR with the natural light and environment from the world around us, the Magic Leap One provides an immersive experience like no other and sets the bar high in the world of AR.

To advertise the product, Happy Finish created a short promotional video for Halloween Hack Day to showcase the headset, its capabilities and the reaction of users. 1.618 Digital contributed to the video, covering the Sound Design and Music Production.

Magic Leap Halloween Trailer:

Magic Leap Homepage:

Image Credit: Happy Finish