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Reality Check


REALITY CHECK: An Educational Interactive VR Experience
OUR ROLE: Sound Design & Audio Postproduction for trailer

Continuing on from their work on the “Share The Road” VR experience, VR production company Happy Finish have once again teamed up with Ford for their newest addition to the collection of interactive driving education experiences – Reality Check. For this project, 1.618 Digital was brought in by Happy Finish to work on the sound design for the trailer.

Assuming the position of someone driving their friends to a party, users must use their common sense and driving smarts to combat common distractions from inside the car that are the most common causes of crashes and accidents on the road. On the surface, the CG look presents the experience as more of a fun game, but Reality Check actually severely punishes players for succumbing to the distractions of mobile phones and chatty passengers, driving home the message of just how fatal it can be to lose concentration on the road.

The aim behind the creation of the experience was to educate young audiences, particularly newly qualified drivers and those learning to drive, and to promote driving safely. Using the immersive capabilities of a VR environment can demonstrate the full consequences of dangerous driving habits without putting the users in those situations with real life drawbacks and injury.

Made to work with Google Daydream, the Clicker and Gaze Tracking, every physical movement made by the driver can affect the narrative of the scene, often ending in the sobering realisation that it only takes a second of broken concentration for an accident to occur. Reality Check has been translated into 19 different languages and is currently being deployed worldwide as a part of Ford’s Driving Skills For Life program.

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