Inside the American Embassy
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Inside the American Embassy

360° Film and Parallax Animation


INSIDE THE AMERICAN EMBASSY: A 360º trailer for Channel 4’s new series
BRAND: Channel 4
OUR ROLE: Sound Design & Binaural Audio Post Production

Channel 4 has been on our screens for 35 years, whether that be displays on our televisions, smart devices or computer monitors, providing informative and entertainment programmes and content for the UK. Now, in 2018, the press team takes the plunge into the world of VR with the creation of its VR trailer for its latest documentary series, Inside the American Embassy.

Working with Happy Finish, Channel 4 created a trailer in two definitive styles to entice different audiences to their new show: A 360º VR version to appeal to younger audiences more familiar with virtual reality and a 2D parallax version to grab their more traditional audiences. The 1.618 Digital team was brought in to edit and enhance the mix through binaural audio for both 2D and 360 versions of the trailer with the intent to transport the viewers into the newly built American Embassy based in London.

Both trailers take the viewers to different open locations of the embassy which feature both the stunning decor and internal design of the building, powerful audio quotes from past presidents and culturally-impactful people from the United State’s history, and iconic sound clips of famous events to truly enable viewers to feel the overwhelmingly patriotic ideals of the atmosphere found inside the embassy and in those that work there.

Channel 4 hoped that all of these factors coming together in the form of these two trailers launched in early June 2018 would draw in the audience for the show’s late June premiere. Touching on life inside the embassy — its inhabitants and the arguably controversial political climate surrounding the country — you can see Inside the American Embassy on All4 now.

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Image Credit: Happy Finish