Buster’s Garden
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Buster’s Garden

John Lewis Interactive Christmas VR Experience ‘Buster’s Garden’


BUSTER’S GARDEN: VR Installation feat. Oculus Rift & Gestural Controls with Leap Motion Sensor
BRAND:  John Lewis
OUR ROLE: Immersive Sound Design & Bespoke Composition

We helped MPC Creative produce a breakthrough VR experience for the Christmas installation in John Lewis’ flagship store. 1.618 were tasked with defining a creative direction for the audio treatment, helping to bring the experience to life through a 3D immersive soundscape, bespoke composition and musical interactivity.

MPCJohn Lewis Interactive Christmas VR Experience ‘Buster’s Garden’

Evening StandardJohn Lewis Oxford Street lets you play in Buster’s garden with Christmas VR experience

John Lewis VR

John Lewis – Discover Buster’s Garden in 360 Demo


Image credit MPC.