House of Peroni – La Piazza
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House of Peroni – La Piazza

The House of Peroni Residency returns to London


HOUSE OF PERONI – LA PIAZZA: Immersive Michelin Star Dining Experience
BRAND: Peroni
AGENCY: M&C Saatchi
OUR ROLE: Immersive Soundscape Design

A residency inspired by the piazza – a space within the city that forms the heart and soul of Italian social life. From morning caffè to aperitivi at dusk, it’s a place for friends, colleagues, office chat and familial gossip — a vantage point from which life in all its forms plays out. 1.618 Digital was given an unusual task to design a whole 3-hour immersive soundscape to accompany a special dining experience for House of Peroni guests. The experience lasts for several hours and consists of a six-course tasting menu from Michelin-starred chef Accursio Craparo, built on the flavours and customs of his native Sicily. The authentic sounds of Italy take diners through an early morning to a late evening in perfect synchrony with programmed lighting and a variety of tasty foods.

House of Peroni – La Piazza

Time Out – The House of Peroni Residency returns to London

Image credit House of Peroni.