Walk To Westerbork
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Walk To Westerbork


Walk To Westerbork: Historical Immersive VR Documentary
CLIENT: Illinois Holocaust Museum
OUR ROLE: Location Sound, Sound Design, VO Casting and Production, 3D Audio Post Production

“Leveraging immersive filmmaking technology, East City Films has collaborated with the Illinois Holocaust Museum to give voice to untold stories from history’s darkest chapters. “Walk to Westerbork” stands testament to this – not just as a virtual reality film but as an intimate bridge to a survivor’s heartrending past.

Rodi’s Tapestry: A Journey from Amsterdam to Westerbork

At the heart of our narrative is Rodi Glass. Her Amsterdam of 1936, bathed in familial love and dreams, was soon obscured by the chilling shadow of World War II. From the foreboding march of German boots echoing through Amsterdam’s streets to the grim confines of concentration camps, Rodi’s chronicle shines a light on the resilience inherent in the human spirit. Her evocative testimony laid the foundation for “Walk to Westerbork”, embedding it with raw emotion.

An Ensemble of Creative Brilliance

Behind this monumental project lies a symphony of creatives. Apart from the steadfast support of our home team at East City Films, led by the Producer Micaela Blitz, the genius of All Seeing Eye, Conan Roberts, 1618 Digital, and Transmission TX was pivotal. Every aspect of the film, set against iconic historical backdrops like Kamp Westerbork and the Holocaust Memorial in Amsterdam, exudes authenticity and depth.”

For more information and a full credit list, visit East City Films official case study page below.

East City Case Study: https://eastcityfilms.com/walk-to-westerbork

Image Credit: East City Films