Escape To Shanghai
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Escape To Shanghai


Escape To Shanghai: Historical Immersive VR Documentary
CLIENT: Illinois Holocaust Museum
OUR ROLE: Location Sound, Sound Design, VO Casting and Production, 3D Audio Post Production

“As the firsthand accounts of Holocaust survivors become increasingly scarce, the urgency to preserve these narratives has never been greater. At East City Films, there’s a profound understanding of this responsibility. Guided by the fervent leadership of the Illinois Holocaust Museum’s Kelley Szany, the company has sculpted a poignant testament to history with “Escape to Shanghai”. The synergy between Executive Producer Ashley Cowan and Creative Director Darren Emerson from East City Films and Kelley at the museum epitomises the marriage of technology and passion, setting new standards in storytelling.

Berlin Meets Shanghai: Traversing Doris Fogel’s Time Capsule

Central to this immersive journey is the compelling narrative of Doris Fogel. From the sinister shadows of Kristallnacht in Berlin, we tread her path to sanctuary in wartime Shanghai. With the iconic backdrops of both cities as our canvas, the deft direction of Charlotte Mikkelborg effortlessly paints the highs and lows, the tears and triumphs Doris experienced during these defining times.

Innovative Filmmaking: Where Heart Meets Hologram

The prowess of Charlotte Mikkelborg, renowned for her evocative VR narratives, was pivotal. Her touch ensured that we didn’t merely narrate Doris’s tale, but lived it with her. With the technological expertise of All Seeing Eye, 1618 Digital, and Transmission TX, and insights from our producer Micaela Blitz and the post-production wizardry of Conan Roberts, we’ve crafted a rich tapestry of history infused with groundbreaking immersion.”

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