KPMG Dynamic Risk Assessment
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KPMG Dynamic Risk Assessment


KPMG: Dynamic Risk Assessment
OUR ROLE: Spatial Sound Design, Music Production & 3D Audio Post Production

KPMG’s Dynamic Risk Assessment (DRA) was developed to identify, connect and visualise risk in four-dimensions. Combining the latest in applied science with insights from management and extensive benchmarking, DRA modelling allows audit professionals to see where risks can be expected to form, arming them with new levels of risk assessment that work to enhance audit quality.

In order to explain the DRA model history, mechanics and benefits to internal stakeholders and clients, KPMG required an innovative experience to engage viewers while being memorable and accurate. This took the form of a VR experience that included rich 3D animations, archive footage and a holographic tour guide in the form of KPMG’s Global Lead of DRA, Andries Terblanché.

At 1.618 Digital we created a soundscape and music to immerse the viewer in the experience without distracting from factual, engaging content.

Somewhere Else Case Study: Dynamic Risk Assessment KPMG

Image Credit: Somewhere Else