Plan Your Online Business Strategy
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Plan Your Online Business Strategy


PLAN YOUR ONLINE BUSINESS STRATEGY: Online Business Learning Platform
BRAND:  Google Digital Garage
CREATIVE AGENCY: House of Greenland
OUR ROLE: VO Recording, Editing & Audio Post Production

Google Digital Garage is a free online marketing training service offering courses that enable users to gain the digital skills needed to grow a business and to become a digital expert. Users can choose the skills that they want to improve and learn at their own pace. Progress can be tracked and users can receive an accredited certificate that can help to boost their CV.

At 1.618 Digital we produced the sound for the Online Business Strategy course in 10 languages (Indian (English), Australian, Swedish, Danish, Japanese, Taiwanese, Portuguese, Turkish, French, German). These colourful videos inform the viewer about the benefits of an online strategy. The videos explain how to take a business online, understand customer behaviour, stand out from the competition and use defined goals to improve business performance.

Course: Plan your online business strategy

Image Credit: Google Digital Garage / House of Greenland