Museum Alive AR With David Attenborough
project name

Museum Alive AR With David Attenborough


MUSEUM ALIVE: Augmented Reality Mobile App narrated by David Attenborough
GENRE: Nature/ Science
PRODUCTION COMPANY: Alchemy Immersive / Atlantic Productions / Zoo VFX
OUR ROLE: Spatial Sound Design & Implementation

Discover prehistoric life in ways never experienced before at home. Guided by natural history legend David Attenborough, discover fascinating worlds from the past millions of years in a way only possible with Augmented Reality.

Welcome to the Museum. Here, long-extinct come back to life and roam the real world in stunning augmented reality. Follow a fearsome saber-toothed tiger as he stalks his prey, soar around the room with a flying dinosaur, and discover one of the strangest sea creatures from over 500 million years ago.

This immersive educational experience brings you into the world of these long-lost animals. Search for the information points to discover more about the fossils and their incredible worlds. Guided by David Attenborough, and including videos and photographs from across his career, this experience is entertaining and educational for the whole family.

Download Museum Alive with David Attenborough on the App Store to witness long-extinct animals as you’ve never seen them before. Currently supported by iOS 13 and iOS 14 from iPhone 7 upwards.

1.618 Digital was commissioned to create immersive sound design to bring creatures and the worlds they inhabit alive.

Alchemy Immersive Case Study:

Image Credit: Atlantic Productions