Inside The Catheter Lab in 360
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Inside The Catheter Lab in 360


BRAND:  British Heart Foundation
OUR ROLE: 360° Sound Recording, Editing, Sound Design and Dubbing

In these 360° videos, the British Heart Foundation invites viewers into the cardiac catheterisation laboratory at the Oxford John Radcliffe hospital. Consultant Cardiologist Prof. Rajesh Karbanda introduces the medical team who explain their roles in the lab.

While performing the procedures on a patient, Prof. Karbanda explains how the team carries out an angiogram to assess the size and seriousness of a blockage. He then goes on to explain and demonstrate how they carry out an angioplasty and insert a stent to widen an obstructed artery.

We were assigned the interesting task of recording the live 360° sound in the laboratory during the procedures. These videos were created to inform patients and others of what to expect in a catheter lab and provide great insight into the procedures.

Watch Introduction: 360 video – What to expect in a catheter lab

Watch Procedure: 360 video – Angioplasty in a catheter lab

The 360 video, along with more information on the procedures performed in the cardiac catheterisation laboratory can be viewed here.

Meet the medical team and see the laboratory here.

Image Credit: VR City /BHF / Tufts Medical Center