San Miguel Rich List feat. Sunny Stroeer
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San Miguel Rich List feat. Sunny Stroeer

Explore the Alps in virtual reality


SAN MIGUEL RICH LIST: 360° Film feat. Sunny Stroeer
BRAND:  San Miguel
OUR ROLE: 3D Sound Recording On Set, VO Recording, Sound Design, Audio Post-Production

1.618 Digital travelled with San Miguel and Sunny Stroeer to the breathtaking Swiss Alps to record an immersive 360° experience for the San Miguel Rich List. Enjoy the awe-inspiring sights as Sunny acts as your guide through the stunning mountains.

Hear the breeze as you’re transported through the epic diverse scenery. As the birds sing and the river flows, Sunny describes the journey that led her from a desk job to a completely different kind of life and freedom. Experience the sun-kissed, ice-capped mountains and feel inspired to find the “place where there’s no gap between who you are and who you want to be.”

Climb with Sunny and leave behind the 9 to 5. Take a break from your day; forget about status, money and career. Explore and get a taste of what it’s like to be on San Miguel’s rich list.

East City Fils Project Case Study:

Watch Experience: San Miguel Rich List feat. Sunny Stroeer

San Miguel Richlist 2017: VR Experience

Image Credit: San Miguel / ES / Tyler Roemer