Rashid Rover Moon Mission AR Experience
project name

Rashid Rover Moon Mission AR Experience


CLIENT: Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre
PRODUCTION COMPANY: Alchemy Immersive / Atlantic Productions / Zoo VFX
OUR ROLE: Sound Design

Atlantic Productions and the Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre have joined forces to take you on a groundbreaking journey to the moon in Rashid Rover: Moon Mission. This Web AR experience lets you join the next stage of Lunar Exploration from your own room or classroom. With the first Arab lunar mission only a week away, experience firsthand the Rover’s mission of exploration and discovery. This historic mission will study the surface of the moon, leading the way for more successful lunar exploration. Rashid Rover: Moon Mission is an interactive educational Augmented Reality experience that brings the moon mission to children and families in the UAE and worldwide. Available in English and Arabic on smartphones (iPhone and Android) across the globe, this experience gives you a chance to rediscover the excitement of space exploration for free.

The mission of MBRSC and Atlantic Productions is to harness the latest interactive technologies to create an immersive, educational AR experience that speaks to all ages and provides an inspiring way to learn about space, science, and technology. Pilot the Rashid Rover around the moon’s surface at a real scale, discovering the purpose of its intrepid expedition. Learn how and why the Rashid Rover is discovering the moon in a truly engaging way, paving the way for future lunar explorations.

To engage the world in the cutting-edge Rashid Rover, the experience used highly detailed, accurate 3D models of the Rover. Based on these models, the public can interact with the Rashid Rover at a 1:1 scale, gaining insights into how this small but mighty Rover is taking on its important mission. The detailed model of the Moon’s surface immerses you in space, making you feel like you’re truly joining the Rashid Rover in exploring the moon’s surface – from your own living room! These highly detailed digital twin models have been optimised to make the experience available as a web-based Augmented Reality. This allows the Rashid Rover: Moon Mission to be truly accessible to anyone with a smartphone, through their internet browser, without lag. The fun, user-friendly interface and intuitive interactions have been designed to ensure that everyone can engage with the experience, regardless of age or technical ability. Our role to was to sound design the UI on the app and to create cinematic sound to bring the Rover and its surroundings to life.

For more information, visit Alchemy Immersive’s official case study page below.

Alchemy Immersive Case Study: https://alchemyimmersive.com/productions/rashid-rover-moon-mission/

Image Credit: Atlantic Productions