Public Speaking & Presentation Skills Virtual Training for VR
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Public Speaking & Presentation Skills Virtual Training for VR




OUR ROLE: 3D Sound Design and Sound Implementation in Unity

Communicating our thoughts, ideas and beliefs is a fundamental life skill, essential for defining who we are and what we need. Yet fear of public speaking means that many of us would much rather shut up than speak out in front of an audience.

This 60-minute course will help beginner and intermediate speakers find their voice, learn how to connect with their audience, communicate with clarity, and present compelling, persuasive and inspirational speeches, whatever the situation. Once they’ve worked their way through all the activities, they’ll get the opportunity to put their skills into practice in an environment that’s relevant to them.

This adaptive programme of fully-immersive activities coaches learners in four key interconnecting components of public speaking: composure, performance, charisma and content.

  1. Build confidence and manage anxiety
  2. Become more aware of what your non-verbal signals are saying
  3. Discover the non-verbal behaviours of top orators
  4. Practise applying different non-verbal techniques in different contexts
  5. Develop presence by being your own authentic self
  6. Build charisma in how you speak to others
  7. Receive guidance in deciding what you’re going to say
  8. Structure your content for clarity and engagement

1.618 Digital and SENSA partnered with BODYSWAPS to develop a sound design strategy comprising detailed environment auralisation, NPC vocalisations and virtual acoustics for the PhD study on spatial psychoacoustic undertaken by Oliver Kadel at the AudioLab, University of York, School of Physics, Engineering and Technology. The study was designed to assess the impact of spatial audio for environment auralisation, vocalisation of non-playable characters and interactive tasks on cognitive load and information retention for virtual training simulation in Virtual Reality. The training programme is currently fully available to all BODYSWAPS customers. The study is undergoing an internal preliminary phase within the university setting before full deployment and data gathering on a full scale across the UK and France.

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Image Credit: BODYSWAPS