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Dance Meets Virtual Reality


WHIST: 360 Virtual & Augmented Reality Film Installation
OUR ROLE: 3D Sound Design & Audio Post-Production

Inspired by the work of Sigmund Freud and Shuji Tereyama, WHIST is an innovative 360 virtual reality film installation for AΦE that combines live performance with the digital experience of the reality of the viewer.

Pushing the boundaries of virtual and augmented reality, WHIST aims to unlock a new medium and invites its audience into a world of endless possibilities, where the mind is taken on a sensory journey into the depths of its imagination.

This unique approach uses 360 film, 3D sound and theatre to create an invigorating visual and audio immersive adventure, that takes the audience on a vivid journey into their surrealist dreams and fears, providing a truly unforgettable experience.

To create this immersive experience, it was integral to use sound as the driving force to capture the audience’s senses and guide them through this parallel reality. Using our expertise in 3D sound, 1.618 Digital were tasked with designing and producing the audio for this installation. We used our cutting-edge audio technology and industry experience to produce a sophisticated sound that ensured the audience were fully immersed and both physically and mentally involved in the experience.

We recreated the surrounding environment for this installation using an acoustic environment and sonic cues within a virtual space. Sonic cues and acoustics played a vital role as they provided directionality and enabled us to insert a number of virtual sources. The audience could then play the content through their headphones and, using head-tracking, they were then able to interact with the 3D sound field.

“The scope of the project was large and there was a real level of depth and sophistication in terms of creativity and vision within the experience. The project has not stopped surprising us.”

Oliver Kadel, Co-founder & Head of Audio

What’s Next?

WHIST has toured the UK, with their installation featured at both The Gulbenkian and the iconic V&A museum. WHIST plans to continue touring internationally, captivating audiences world-wide with its unique and immersive approach to digital story-telling.

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